Welcome To Krazy Kurts

Don't you hate it when you ask a server if a menu item is good and they reply, "I don't eat that or I've never tried it?" The thing about us,  we love food! We love special times around good food. We love the community that happens around a good meal. 

At Krazy Kurts we cook the things we love! Meat, smoked meat. We rub it, slow smoke it and then find amazing ways to showcase it with the best local ingredients we can find. 

Because of that we have an eclectic range of dishes we can prepare for you, from simple but Krazy good street fare to full on sit down elegance, featuring food you'll want to eat!  

My Wife Irene and I want to share recipes we love, some old some new, but food we love to eat and our friends ask for seconds with. This is a family thing, my DIL is an amazing professional photographer and she makes my food look as good as it is! 

Some of these recipes come from my Mom who loved the adventure of food and taught me to love cooking, others we just developed along the way because we thought they were fantastic. 

We want your food experience with us to be memorable.